The History of the RCMP Marine Services

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Author: Kenneth John Haycock
Editor: Peter Vassilopoulos

The History of the RCMP Marine Services
 is a compendium of historic vessels. These craft range from the early days of the Northwest Mounted Police vessels used through the ages up to present-day RCMP operations. Notes on the ownership and transference of the vessels includes data that reveals where the vessels operated as well as their place of construction. The book features vessels throughout Canada, traded between services, including the Coast Guard and the Navy in peace times and during the war.

A special feature of this book is the coverage of the St Roch II (Nadon) “Voyage of Rediscovery” in 2000, which circumnavigated North America.

This is a book for anyone who loves boats and their history. It will have a special appeal to mariners in the services, commercial operators, recreational boaters and Canadiana enthusiasts.

Published by: Pacific Marine Publishing, 2021

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