Big Trees of the Inland Temperate Forests of British Columbia

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Terry Nelson’s “Big Trees of the Inland Temperate Forests of British Columbia” is a compilation of his many adventures over a 5 year time-span. This richly illustrated field guide and big tree compendium is filled with fascinating facts and highlights of his adventures from remote backroads of BC, to easily accessible front country sites. His study area extends into the upper reaches of the Robson Valley in the north, the Cascade Highlands in the west, the Rocky Mountains in the east, and along the Canadian border to the south.

The many special sites included in the book are vividly captured through his photographs and writings. You will find yourself standing beside Terry, immersed in these rich forest experiences. 

 His work is intended to create a broader public awareness of the importance of ecosystems that support the diverse habitats that are old-growth forests. He encourages us  to explore the forests and to immerse ourselves in their great offerings.

He hopes that the resulting exposure will inspire a continued conservation and preservation ethos necessary to support these life sustaining ecological systems and the collective well being of all living things.


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