Outdoor Canada Hunting Special 2018 Issue

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Editor's Note

Doing Our Best by Patrick Walsh.


Best Bets!
Our exclusive guide to Canada's hunting hot spots for deer, elk, moose, black bears and other big game—and the places to avoid.

First Dibs
Why wait for the rut and mounting hunting pressure to pursue trophy whitetails? Hunt the early archery season instead for big bucks.

Blackjack or Bust
From remote N.W.T. to northern Ontario to Manitoba's Whiteshell region, one waterfowler's quest for elusive ring-necked ducks.

Play Fight
When a bull moose answers your cow calls but won't come to your set-up, pretend to be a competing intruder to seal the deal.

Search Party
Having trouble finding downed upland game birds, even with a dog? Try these tricks to ensure every bird goes in the bag.

Fall Favourites
Got some downtime from all that hunting, or maybe just need a break? Hit the water for some of the year's best fishing.