Outdoor Canada Big Game Special 2018 Issue

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Editor's Note:

Deer Me by Patrick Walsh.


Go Big!
Cutting-edge tips, tactics and more to make the most of your next hunt.

Duping Deer
For luring wary white-tailed bucks into range, try adding one of more decoys to your set-up.

Last-call Bulls
It may not be prime time, but you can still have a successful elk hunt well after the peak of the rut.

Rack 'Em Up!
Test your knowledge of Canada's antlered big game: moose, elk, caribou, mule deer and whitetails.

How to Totally Botch Your Bear Hunt
New to chasing spring or fall black bears? Avoid these five big-time bruin blunders.

Making the Moves on Moose
Forget calling and waiting for that big bull to show up. For an exciting change-up, try spotting and stalking instead.

Deer of the Dunes
For a mulie hunt like no other, venture to the wind-swept landscape and Saskatchewan's Great Sandhills.

Watch and Learn
To get the most out of your trail cameras for hunting, there's more to consider than meets the eye.

Monsters Inc.
Think of them as the chairmen of the board. Six of Canada's top muskie hunters share their corporate secrets for outsmarting late-season toothy critters.