Outdoor Canada Adventure Special 2018 Issue

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Tales of Adventure (and a Bit of Danger!)
Dream fishing and hunting destinations, survival close calls and safety rules to live by.

Where Ringnecks Reign
Gun for pheasants in the middle of Lake Erie? For hunters in the know, Pelee Island is the place to go. 

Smoke on the Water
Even raging wildfires in the surrounding northern Manitoba wilderness couldn't stop this angler's trophy quest.

The Panic Effect
How a change encounter with a lost hunter revealed the dangers of getting turned around in the backwoods.

Sharks After Dark
Fishing for the apex predator of the oceans can be tricky enough. Now imagine heading out at night.

Beauchene on the Brain
Stunning scenery, awesome angling and backcountry bliss. No wonder these fishing buddies keep coming back to this slice of Quebec wilderness.

The Big Picture
Canada's great outdoors as captured through the lenses of our annual photo contest winners.

The Jig is Up
To catch more tight-lipped small-mouth bass, tie on a tiny marabou hair jig, one of the hottest secrets on the pro bass circuit. Until now.