Cruising the Gulf Islands

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This is a comprehensive guide to the islands, waterways, anchorages and marinas in the popular Gulf Islands of British Columbia. It is filled with route information, data about facilities and some historical notes. The book is colorfully illustrated with large-format aerial and ambient photographs. Diagrams are included to show locations and directions as well as marina layouts.

Explore the Gulf Islands of the coastal waters of British Columbia. Travel the waterways and view the islands, mountains and villages. By way of hundreds of aerial photographs and numerous diagrams, this guide assists mariners choose the best routes, anchorages and places to moor. Local and visiting mariners will be delighted with the amazing coves and anchorages throughout the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia.


Peter Vassilopoulos is a long-time boating author and authority on the waterways, islands and installations on the coast. He has a background in radio and TV news editing, magazine publishing and book production. He and his wife, Carla, spend summers boating the west coast.

Published by: Pacific Marine Publishing



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