Canada's Arctic: A Guide to Adventure Through the Northwest Passage

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By: Captain Ken Burton

A new book covering the Northwest Passage and emphasizing Canada's Arctic is now in print. It has been published by Pacific Marine Publishing, the producer of a wide range of cruising guides for the Pacific Northwest.

Titled Canada's Arctic, it is a first of its kind Arctic cruise guide that covers the area with informative details and outstanding illustrations. The author of the book, Ken Burton, is an Arctic veteran of over 20 years. He is a ship’s captain, past Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum and an Arctic visitors' leader and historian. Burton is the first captain known to have circumnavigated North America in a non-ice-strengthened vessel in a continuous voyage in one season. He did so in the year 2000 in the RCMP patrol vessel Nadon, temporarily named St Roch II for the duration of the trip.      

Burton has written a remarkable book and produced a large selection of photographs that will serve as a guide suitable for the travelling public, cruise ship passengers and those brave enough to challenge the Northwest Passage in a private vessel. The 224-page guide is loaded with reference maps, an amazing array of photographs, historic notes and antidotes. It takes the traveller on an adventure from Unalaska USA, through the Bering Sea, and into the Northwest Passage. It continues through Nunavut, in Canada's Arctic, well into Baffin Bay and to western Greenland. Along the way small Arctic communities are explored, landings are made on remote wilderness coastlines and historically significant sites are visited, explored and described.

Canada's Arctic is beckoning those with an adventurous soul. Expedition passenger ships cruising into Canada’s Arctic have been increasing dramatically in the past few years. In 2015, thirty cruise ships carrying more than 4,000 people, successfully challenged the Northwest Passage. In both 2016 and 2017, the 250 metre Crystal Serenity, with over 1,000 passengers on board, successfully transited the Northwest Passage and spent time in the Arctic. 

The detailed list of all the critical sites contained in the book, includes accurate location data for all stops, tips, hints, and advice on how to best visit and experience the Arctic in a safe, responsible and rewarding manner.

For history buffs, the book contains the GPS coordinates of no less then 40 critical Sir John Franklin historic sites. This includes the location of the HMS Terror, the HMS Erebus as well as the HMS Breadalbane. King William Island, Beechey Island and the surrounding area are described in detail, along with supporting maps and photographs. Abandoned RCMP detachments and Hudson’s Bay posts are visited, and their role in the Arctic put into appropriate historic perspective. Both the good and the bad are described and augmented with testimony harvested from the Qikiqtani Truth Commission’s reports and official RCMP records.

Specular landscape and seascape photographs are presented along with unrivalled wildlife images of polar bears, muskox, Arctic fox, other wildlife, and a wide range of flora discovered on the tundra. And….of course ice bergs!

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