Pacific Yachting presents James Barber in the Galley

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"We were absolutely thrilled when, in January of 2005, Canadian cooking guru James Barber agreed to author Pacific Yachting's monthly Galley column.

Known for his simple, inventive recipes, James brought a sensual, "anything goes" approach to food and the pleasure it brings. He gave advice on how to cook in the limited space of a boat galley, using quality ingredients, improvisation and "whatever you might have on hand."

Our readers delighted in his sense of humour and his simple, practical recipes. For James, cooking was light and fun. He reminded us to be creative yet practical, spontaneous yet elegant — and to always lick the spoon.

When James died at the age of 84 in November 2007, the culinary wold lost one of its most popular icons, and the staff at Pacific Yachting as well as scores of fans, young and old across Canada, will remember James fondly.

The book offers a sampling of James' PY Galley columns and is a tribute to his making life just a bit more fun for those of us who cruise the West Coast. Thank you James!"

— Peter A. Robson, Pacific Yachting

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